PinCalcPlusTM is a product that offers an innovative and efficient method of calculating master keyed cylinder pinning for cylinders with 4 to 10 pin chambers.  It has a color output that is different for each column.


The simple selection from a menu of the brand of lock and type of system being supplied, along with entry of the Top Master Key (TMK) combination, and Control Key for an SFIC or LFIC product, allows generation of the PinCalcPlusTM pinning matrix.  Shown here is a sample pinning matrix for Schlage.


The pinning matrix may be used to read the pinning for every cylinder in the key system in a simple abacus-like method. You don’t need to take the computer to the job site, only the single sheet printout and your change key combinations.

The program includes manufacturer files with all of the pertinent specifications in them. More manufacturers can be added later as we generate the specification files or you can even generate your own by following the help file.

Just click on the calculator icon to get the input screen. When you have finished you can see the matrix on-screen, click the printer icon to get your hard copy.

PinCalcPlusTM is available as a working demo and you can download it by clicking below.

NOTE: Due to changes in operating systems and certain anti-virus software we have had to make changes to our downloadable Demo programs.  When you download this Demo it will have an extension name of ‘.zi-’ which you can rename to ‘.zip’.  Unzip all contents of the file and then run Setup to install.  The working demo may be run three times for each installation, one installation per computer.

Click here to download demo.

Windows System Requirements

IBM or 100% True Compatible or  Macbook Pro with Windows

.net framework

4mb RAM

Windows XP or Higher

Color Printer with Graphics Capability

Hard Drive, 1mb Free