Flat Rate Manual

The Locksoft Flat Rate Manual is the first of its kind. A computerized reference for jobs from Access Control to Automotive to Master Keying.

Using it is simple. First you must input your hourly rate and press Enter. If you do not know your hourly rate or it has been a while since you have made sure those calculations are up-to-date, you may use the free Hourly Rate Calculator at Thelockman Online Magazine.  Restricted subscriptions are free to those in the lock industry.

After you have calculated your hourly rate, you may enter it in the Flat Rate Manual. FRscreen1

Once your hourly rate has been entered you will be presented with a selection box. Click on the arrow to see the complete list and select the category you are interested in pricing.

Each time you select a category you will be presented with another selection box to further qualify the job you wish to price. For some jobs there may be as many as nine qualifying conditions.

When the final selection has been made for the category, the suggested Flat Rate will be shown at the bottom of the screen. As you can see below, there are three different rates that are shown. A price for the first time, which typically takes longer, a price for jobs done more often, and finally a price for jobs done often with great proficiency.


If you wish to price a job that isn’t included in the categories available, notify Locksoft via email of the category and where you think it should be included along with a time requirement if you know one.

The Flat Rate Manual will have data upgrades made available to registered users at no fee whenever they are requested.

We have a thorough listing within the manual, so thorough that the most recent upgrade is dated  2009 and brought the list of jobs covered to over 1100.

The demo version is in a zip file and when installed will run three times before purchase is required to continue.

Extract all files from the zip before trying to install.

Click here to download the zip file.

System Requirements
IBM or 100% True Compatible Pentium, or iMAC with PC emulation
Windows XP or Later