Locksoft offers a range of options to the lock manufacturer. At present our software has been purchased to produce Key Records by nineteen lock manufacturers around the world. None of our competitors can make that claim, in fact we only know of one who can claim more than three factory customers.

Our Factory Master Keying (FMK) package is the top of the line. It has two major components;

1. The key system generator, PowerKeyR, is the most powerful software available in the industry today . We offer customization specific to your needs as an addition to the initial product purchase on a time required basis.

2. The Keyset Collection System, KCS, is now available in a Windows version (KCSW).  This program is the heart of the order processing you need to accomplish. KCSW features are:

  • accept and import customer orders from ASCII files
  • accept and import customer orders from Excel files
  • allow input of customer orders from the keyboard
  • has a hardware schedule interpretor for accepting keying specifications
  • keying can be imported with product specifications
  • internal listings for all part numbers, finishes, customers, etc.
  • prints a bitting list by keyset, record number, or any range of either with pinning for every cylinder
  • understands the Standard Key Coding System (SKCS) and automatically calculates pinning for hierarchical keying systems
  • allows entry of cross keying specifications and automatically calculates pinning for cylinders
  • automatically prints a listing of operating keys on the bitting list for all cylinders, including cross keyed cylinders
  • recognizes selective keys ENG, SEC, JAN, NUR, ATT from imported Excel files and includes them in cylinder pinning
  • recognizes SKD keysets and calculates appropriate pinning
  • allows special stamping notations for all keys
  • allows any quantity of keys to be specified
  • imports key systems from ASCII files produced by FMK or your word processor for older systems
  • prints cylinder labels and box labels for shipping
  • prints to file the bittings, stampings and quantities of all required keys for your automated key cutting machinery
  • can print the pinning information to file for your automated pinning machinery
  • will print a summary of all lock and cylinder part numbers in hardware schedule on demand
  • will print a cover sheet for the bitting list on demand
  • will export data to ASCII files which can be imported by our Key System Management software KRM1W and KRMW

We also offer to customize the program for anything special you may want to accomplish.

We also have an add-on module which will allow you to have your own entry into the growing market for Key System Management. We will arrange for you to be able to produce our KRMW product for your customers with your own brand label and product name and we will supply the technical support.

Thinking about upgrading your internal procedures for order processing? Send your requirements to Sales@Locksoft.com