Locksoft was started as a Maryland Corporation in 1985 by a locksmith and a professional programmer who recognized a need for quality software in the lock industry. Our ownership today is a Certified Master Locksmith (CML), and we utilize a number of contract programmers as well as in house functions.

We are committed to excellence in our products and service. We feel that the combination of our experience and expertise is reflected in the quality of the product and we strive to offer the most adaptable and useful products possible as well as ensuring that they are bug free. All Locksoft products utilize the standardized terminology presented to the industry by the LIST Council.

Our software is used throughout the world by experienced locksmiths, institutions, hospitals, corporations and lock manufacturers. Locksoft software has been purchased by 19 different lock companies for use on a production basis.

Locksoft can generate software for custom requirements you may have or need.  If you have a specification we would be happy to quote on the development.  If you don’t have a specification we will consult with you to write one.  We don’t just sell software, we write it.

Locksoft writes software for the security industry and as a part of that industry we take security seriously. Our Key Control software has multiple levels of password protection built into it and you have the option to select the level you wish to utilize. Most of our software is available for download as a demo version which can be converted to fully functional online  after purchase.

Locksoft offers unlimited ’fee free’ technical support via email.  Send your inquiry to Sales@Locksoft.com