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PowerKeyTwo is a master key system generator that produces keying systems in the List format with up to four levels of keying for cylinders with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 chambers.

It is capable of generating systems using the TPP, RCM or LPP formats and contains brand specification information for the following:

BRANDSSpecial features are:

  • Create new unique brand specifications
  • Symmetrical system design
  • Asymmetrical design where wanted
  • Change keys under higher level MK’s
  • SKD combinations
  • Tracks TMK usage by postal code
  • Automatic TMK selection or
  • You supply TMK combination
  • Automatic SOP or
  • You supply the SOP
  • Allows KBA manipulation
  • Hook and door record keeping for CK’s
  • Cylinder pinning on screen or to print
  • Print to file or printer
  • Export data to text file
  • Constant cut designation

PowerKeyTwo also allows regeneration of any existing system through an understanding of the SOP and KBA order.  It also has the ability to change the increment from 1 to 2 to 3 or to a mixture of any of those three.  The help file doubles as an operating manual for those unfamiliar with advanced key system features.

PowerKeyTwo can be downloaded at the link below in Demo mode, the password is PowerKeyTwo and is case sensitive.  It can be run for three sessions so you can verify that it meets your needs but cannot save or print in the Demo mode.

The Demo version can be converted to fully functional online with an authorization code supplied by Locksoft after purchase.  PowerKeyTwo is designed to operate with Windows XP through Windows 8.

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