is a simple, easy to use master keying program that generates bitting lists in the Standard Progression Format (SPF). While the program was designed for use by locksmiths who are familiar with master keying, it can also be used effectively by the beginner.

It does produce the SPF with a few extra features.  In addition to the standard one or two step progression used in most brands, it allows you to select one, two or three step increments.  There is also an additional increment specification that lets you mix one, two or three increments within the same key system.  It allows those features for cylinders with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 chambers.

It can print a bitting list to a printer or to a file and it can do that with or without pinning.  All combinations that are a MACS violation or break some other rule for a specific brand have the color of their background changed from white to red for easy identification.  It can print a single page, a range of pages or all pages.

It contains brand specification information for the following brands.

MGI inf

It designs systems for standard cylinders, but no IC models.

It will run on all Windows machines from XP to Windows 8.

The link below lets you download a zip file that contains the program and the setup files.  It is in Demo mode and will allow you to run it three times so you can experiment.  The Demo mode will not allow you to save the system or print it.

You can find the price on our product pricing page and when you purchase the program we will send an authorization code that will allow you to authorize the full function twice.

You may do that on two computers or save one for later in case your hard drive crashes in the future.  Additional authorizations are available.

All keying system information is stored in a DATA folder to make backup easier to accomplish.  Download it now to give it a try, it’s a Microsoft Installation file.  The program’s case sensitive password is PowerKeyOne. Complete instructions for the program are in the help file.