LogoPKRThe problem with factory key systems is in requesting a copy of the bitting list, this problem is there for many manufacturers, they won’t send a complete progression list, only a bitting list of what they have used.

Today there is a revolutionary new software program called PowerKeyR from Locksoft. The R indicates that this software can do something no other software has ever done. It can reverse engineer a master key system. There are two effects of reverse engineering:

1. determine if the system design is stable and avoids interchange,
2. Provides all intended future possible expansion combinations.

Take that partial listing of codes and combinations and put them into a CSV Excel file or just a CSV flat text document with an extension name of .drs and it can be imported. Once imported, PowerKeyR will regenerate the master key system including all of the expansion capability originally built into it. It knows how to do that for TPP, LPP, RCM formats applied for standard cylinders, SFIC or LFIC, and for cylinders with from 4 to 10 cut positions.

CSV means comma separated values and the Help file describes how to make one with flat text or Excel. To import, start the program and then select the brand for the system from the pull down list. If you have some other brand not listed among those presented, the help file also describes how to make a .MGI, (Manufacturer General Information), file which will add it to the list of options.

After selecting the manufacturer click on the IMPORT button. The program will work for a few seconds to do the reverse engineering and then present the system for you to use.

A quick look at the Help file that doubles as a user manual will make using the program simple enough that a non-locksmith can use it. Before you start using you should visit the setup screen where you can set a number of parameters the program will apply without regard to the brand.

The setup screen will also allow you to change the password from the default PowerKeyR to whatever case sensitive password you prefer.

Reverse engineering isn’t the only thing you can do with PowerKeyR. It can also design and generate new master key systems from scratch when you need them.

PowerKeyR can:

  • Generate master key systems for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 cuts on the keys

  • It can generate systems for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 levels of keying

  • It understands how multiplex key systems work

  • It understands cross keying and will automatically eliminate interchange combinations from the system

  • It knows what selective keys are and how to create and use them

  • It knows how to generate change keys under higher level MK’s

  • Print a bitting list if you need a hard copy

  • Print a bitting list with pinning for each lock if you need that

  • Maintain door and hook info for each key if you need that


There is a working demo of PowerKeyR that can be downloaded at the link below. The working demo will allow you to use every feature of the program except saving or printing. The password for the demo is PowerKeyR and is case sensitive.

System Requirements
XP or higher
MAC Windows Emulator
Internet connection