The hardest part of implementing a valid key control policy is to create the policy itself. Time constraints, along with some unfamiliarity, make the key control policy difficult to write as an all encompassing document. Now you don’t have to write the policy, because Locksoft has done it for you.

KCD is a Standard Universal Key Control Policy written by our staff of experts in key control. No single key control document could be truly universal because of the very different requirements of those who want it. However, there are three basic categories that fit most everyone. We have written a standard policy for each of those classifications. They are:


Each policy is a separate file on the disk and is supplied in a MS Word 97 file format.

The specific document you select can be modified to fit your particular situation. You will need to insert your organization name and the amount of any deposit fee you may require. Many word processors have the capability to import the file format and using a word processor you are familiar with will make the modification simple for you using the search and replace function. The documents do contain sample forms drawn as images.  The images can be edited with any graphics editor for GIF images.

Included on the disk is an MS Word copy of the Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council’s “Locksmith Dictionary”. This is invaluable for those not familiar with locksmith terminology.

Sorry, no demo available for this product and only available on a mini CD-ROM or as an electronic file in a compressed format.

System Requirements
MS Word 97 or compatible word processor
Printer Port
Graphics Printer