abb. operated by, as used in keying schedules
occupancy type
adj. the use to which an area of a building is put with reference to the prevailing life safety or building code
odometer method
n. a means of populating the KBA as a counter from the TMK combination
abb. oersted
n. a unit of magnetic field strength which is commonly used in the magnetic recording industry
offset cam
n. a cam which is bent to have its ends in different planes
oil cup
n. a receptacle for lubricant on a machine
on-line system
n. an access control layout in which a central computer communicates with panels near the openings using either distributed intelligence or direct communication
one bitted
adj. of or pertaining to a cylinder which is or is to be combinated to keys cut to the manufacturer's reference number one bitting
one column progression
n. a process wherein key bittings are obtained by using the cut possibilities in one column of the key bitting array
one pin master key
n. a master key for all combinations obtained by progressing only one bitting position
one shot
adj. of or pertaining to a wire run that has an unobstructed line of sight
one-way deadbolt
n. a deadbolt operable from only one side of a door
open back strike
n. a strike, typically used on double door applications, that has an unenclosed opening opposite the lip edge
open bottom combination lock
n. a combination lock with an opening in the bottom to allow direct entry of a gravity, or pressure, operated lever when the correct combination is dialed
open face dial
n. a combination lock actuator designed to have all the numbers visible at once
open gated
adj. pertaining to a lever tumbler whose gate is in the edge of the tumbler
open loop
n. a detection circuit where continuity between branches will result in a reportable condition
opening index
n. the index or mark to which a combination is dialed in order to effect an opening
operating key
n. any key which will properly operate a lock or cylinder to lock or unlock the lock mechanism and is not a control key or reset key, see also "change key"
operating shear line
n. any shear line which allows normal operation of a cylinder or lock
original key blank
n. a key blank supplied by the lock manufacturer to fit that manufacturer's specific product
out of time
adj. of or pertaining to a condition where a mechanical part is misoriented and cannot function correctly
outside drive
n. a safe lock that is gear driven by a spindle located outside of the lock case opposite the lock bolt or on either side of the lock case
overhead concealed closer
n. a closer designed for installation out of view in the door header area
overhead stop
n. a door stop which contacts the door near the top
v. 1. a picking technique using a blank key to raise the tumblers to the top of the keyway, 2. a lock defeat process that uses a comb attack to bypass the normal locking combination, 3. a process that moves a spring loaded tumbler beyond the operating point
override code
n. in an electronic lock, a factory-set or user-set combination that will always open the lock
override combination
n. in certain locks with a user changeable combination, a second combination which allows access at all times. It is usually factory set and may not be field changeable.


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